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    News Windows 8 Pro costs $40 if you're running XP, Vista, or 7

    You don't have to upgrade it to use the upgrade installation disk. There was an old, old trick, from a long time back where you essentially format the drive, pop in the instillation disk, and begin running it. Now it checks the HD for a qualifying install, but won't find it (recent format), but...
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    Windows 7 doesn't see my IBM Model M PS/2 keyboard

    I'm not sure about your keyboard, but I had a wierd one with a USB hard drive and Windows 7 Professional, x-64. Basically, plugged it in, booted up, and Windows 7, much as you found here, wouldn't detect it. Was with SP1 and updated and all, also. But much like you had seen with your...
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    Official WOW Thread

    Needless to say, since I posted that (back in 2009?, does time fly), I did get through ICC and ruby sanctum on the hunter there. Naturally things went up, especially after the 4.0.1 patch came out, with it's modifications, and it seemed the intro of mastery (just reforging 1 piece of gear)...
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    iPhone5 release?

    What gawd awful carrier are you stuck with, if they wouldn't allow an upgrade in that period of time. True it was a long arse time ago, but about 10 years ago when I had Alltel, if I wanted to upgrade my phone, but was under contract with a current phone, all I had to do was re-bundle, at which...
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    Comcast has a 250 gig limit on internet

    This is going to come to bite some areas in the foot. With the economy what it is, and the job market what it is, many people are thinking of moving. And when things become too expensive in an area because of either the government or monopolies, many will leave. This is precisely what is...
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    Comcast has a 250 gig limit on internet

    Actually, that was my experience in the small town, rather then the big city. My parents retired in Maine, and though it wasn't an ISP, it was the property developer. They had a covenent on the property they bought, which incidently wasn't their first choice. But the house they wanted, slight...
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    Comcast has a 250 gig limit on internet

    It's more the principle of having a cap of any size, vs none at all. When one competitor doesn't have one, the one with a cap is losing business. But then again, I'm living around Trenton, NJ, and about 12-15 miles (well where I will be moving next) from Philadelphia. So it's rather hard for...
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    Comcast has a 250 gig limit on internet

    All I can say, is I have no intention of going with Comcrap ever again. The last time I had them was when I was in New Mexico. At the time I was a full time student, my father had a stroke, and I ended up having to drop out of school. But with the cable bill no longer maneagable; they played...
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    Not an issue Are these really the sort of ads, the site wants?

    Ya know, I don't know if their ads might have had anything to do with it, or what was going on; but after I installed win7 on this computer, and posted to the win7 forum thread, I had one hell of a bad experience with these gold sellers. I'm still somewhat stunned by the whole thing. The day...
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    Windows 7 - First Impressions

    Vista was fairly bloated IMO. Even without the prior OEM preinstall (and we all know they crap up systems with useless bloat), the thing booted well in beta to about 800 and some MB on my old Athlon 64, vs about 250 or so in XP. Which is why it killed on that old machine which had 1 GB (this...
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    Windows 7 - First Impressions

    Well, I haven't had much time to play, but so far win7 upon booting to desktop is using slightly fewer memory resources then Vista was. Course the computer on Vista is as it was handed to me (I didn't have the instillation media, so was going with an OEM pre-install, sorta hate those due to all...
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    Windows 7 - First Impressions

    Well I'm about to make the plunge, thanks to an agreement with my place of employment (well one of them), where I'm basically paying them directly for the cost of 1 additional liscense under their organizational account for 1 additional computer, and then get a copy of the CD for my home...
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    Don't shout at your hard drives..

    Hmm, anyone remember those drives that had glass platters? Hitachi Deskstar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Now, just imagine one of those drives, vs not just someone shouting at it, but an opera singer singing the high note in the Star Spangled Banner.
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    Not an issue Are these really the sort of ads, the site wants?

    When visiting the WoW gold thread in the games section I noticed it wasn't just the 1 post spammer who tried to link, probably their own spamvertized website; but it was...
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    Dell Laptop EXPLODES At News Conference

    Lets just hope news of this, doesn't result in Jehadi (such as the guy who tried, unsuccessfully to blow up Times Square) taking a favor to buying Dell laptops. That's one sort of customer, no business in their right mind, would want to have :o