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    A Team Working Multiplayer Game?? Any Ideas?

    svencoop 3.0 over 250 changes/improvements released xmas eve
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    Enemy Territory

    count me in too, and i could also get my friends to play too
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    Home page not working

    yeah its taking about 3 minutes to load for me
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    Wierd lag

    wow, this happens to me too, but it was only recently when i installed winamp 5 beta 2 :)
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    52.16 Drivers weirdness

    these drivers work fine for me..
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    Natural-Selection 2.0 Trailer

    OMG, 2.0 looks absolutely amazing!!, can't wait july 31st!!! :D
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    Counter-Strike Dedicated Server Lag When I join

    while u host make the prioty of server above normal
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    Aim Away Msg Taskbar Hidden

    Is there a way to hide the awy msg taskbar thing on the bottom because everytime my dad uses my comp he closes everything!, he always closes the away msg and people im me and he just closes them and i lose important msgs, I want to hide the away msg so he won't close it. Are there ways to...
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    Major bottleneck?

    i've read magazines and they said you should set aperture size according to your video card memory, and tweaking guides have said that as well. i get 9998 marks with this vid card
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    opengl works better and looks better in HL always it doesn't matter if its a different mod
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    Major bottleneck?

    run dacris benchmarks and it will tell you what u need. I think you need to upgrade your processor
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    Major bottleneck?

    yeah doing that would help, formating and starting with the new card would help too, to make sure no old gf2 files are lingering
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    Vice City graphics filling in?

    this happens to me too. sometimes the textures won't draw, takes like 20 seconds for them to come in. My brother doesn't have this problem for some reason, the textures immediately are drawed in full detail when he comes to it..
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    Will ViceCity run nicely on my system?

    i run it smoothly with p4 2.0a ghz 512 ddr ram geforce 4 ti 4200 128ram at 1280x1024x32
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    Will Playing Enter the Matrix Spoil the Film?

    the game is worth playing, but the bugs and stuff are annoying. Maybe xbox version doesn't have any bugs