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    What do you prefer?

    Yeah at Hardee's too I love their spicy buffalo chicken sandwich... view it here:
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    What do you prefer?

    Spicy hot sandwich.... What is the best spicy sandwich you ever tasted? For me of the the sandwich I've tasted before I consider the buffalo sandwich is good, like Hardees spicy buffalo chicken sandwich really tasty an the spicy taste is just perfect for the buffalo.Here it is...
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    Best Horror Movie Deaths

    Yeah this article is very interesting! I guess the guy you are talking about for the movie OMEN, is one of the best movie deaths too, I love that movie, truly scary.
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    Best Horror Movie Deaths

    These is quite scary article regarding the Best horror movie deaths! Who do you think deserves to be on the list? View it here:
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    sorry girls... just funny

    I was s surprized! at not! but as they said I click continue! and wAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Its FUNNY!
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    What are you listening to?

    really daamn funny! what is all about!
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    Has anybody seen the TV commercial?

    Has anybody seen the TV commercial about buying five boxes of Polident and getting a free companion airfare voucher to fly anywhere in the US? Get the details at Btw, I’m working on this promotion on behalf of GSK, if you would like information on this promotion visit...