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    I Got My License Finally!

    You have to do the tests and everything over here, at least in BC
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    CPU Temps

    Nah, I already have a desktop fan and a large bedroom fan circulating the air....those temps I talked about on hot days were the peak heat days this summer and you melted even in shade or a pool
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    CPU Temps

    My avg temps tend to run at about 40 degrees even.....37 if my room is a bit cooler, 50 if very hot. Idling my comp runs at 33 degrees
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    CPU Temps

    Hey there folks, just a question about cpu temp ideals and such. I'm running a Barton 2500+ at stock speeds and currently will sit between 37 and 50 degrees with 50 being the highest I have seen after running at 100% usage for HOURS on the hottest day of the year. I am considering...
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    Best way to cool an Athlon XP Barton?

    Hey, I'm running a Barton 2500+ and was having probs with temps/noise prior with a Volcano 9 attached....put on A1889-01 Silent Boost from Thermaltake and my temps are some 15 degrees cooler and I hear nothing from the case anymore, nothing whatsoever.....I love it, and it costs all of 30 bucks CAD
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    May Desktop Screen Shots ...

    Woot, figured out how to get rid of the bloody & symbols....just had to create 3 shortcuts to the items on the desktop then copy those to the start menu. Since icons are hidden on desktop it works!!! :)
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    May Desktop Screen Shots ...

    Only thing I really don't like about mine atm is that the & symbol shows up before three items in start freaking clue how to get rid of them.
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    May Desktop Screen Shots ...

    First time posting mine here so hopefully I do it right and don't break the rules in 1st post :P Skin Name: Windows XP Style Silver Icons: Snow E.2 Wallpaper: BCBomb47's Spyder on DeviantArt Miscellaneous: Samurized stuff on right screen and Menu on left with U.Lead...
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    Shutdown Problem

    You have the sasser.a worm that went out this morning. Check for help removing the virus. A firewall will help and prevent the packet exploit it uses and allow you to get the update patch from MS that stops it but you won't be able to install it properly without removing the...
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    computer automatically shutting down

    Your friend has the sasser.a worm which was released this morning at 3 am. It exploits like blaster/welchia but instead of rpc service it crashes lsass.exe or laserve.exe Check for help on it. I've submitted news on this and it should be up on main later.
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    Hmm, I've actually noticed my temps steadily increasing as well. May just be that the ambient temp has been 10-12 degrees higher than normal tho. Not sure, first time using Arctic Silver Ceramique.
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    Please Tell Me I Didn't Destroy Everything...

    Well, seeing as how I have a 400 watt PSU and I have all pci slots filled, agp Radeon 9600 Pro, 3 HDD's, 2 Optical drives, floppy drive, 4 light up case fans, cpu fan, northbridge fan, Hardcano Harddrive cooler with fan, 3 Laser Projection LED's, UV Light and Floppy drive with no problems and...
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    Why call people who work at call centres are paid so much

    Hmm, we get paid a lot? News to me!
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    Well, got the new stuff last night and after installing everythign (damn that heatsink clip was tight, pain to install) I fired it all up and ran it for a bit.....went from being able to hear my computer in the living room (30 ft away through walls and corners) to not being able to hear my...
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    After reading various reviews and whatnot I went with the A1889-01 Silent Boost from Thermaltake for all of 32 bucks Canadian