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    Redirecting the Documents folder

    how to make friends and alienate people
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    Redirecting the Documents folder

    bless the newbies ;)
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    Vundo infection, closes all browsers when attempting to fix, BSOD

    have you tried the files running from safe mode ?
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    Icon Maker?

    any to icon is one
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    Who is still around from the old regime?

    making me feel old now ! my god 7 years :|
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    Is there a multiple remote desktop application?

    well thats my 30 rdp's all imported., thankyou very much for that link :)
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    Geforce GTX 280

    why did i buy a car that does 155mph when the speed linits 70. because i can and wanted to. no offence taken but it was pointless :) you do what you want to, and we will do what we want to ;) i forgot to mention i do intend on getting a 3rd soon after the 2nd if its still in production...
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    Geforce GTX 280

    yeh i want a 2nd if i can afford it :)
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    Geforce GTX 280

    sex wee :laugh: i also think the idle power isnt correct as they run at very low speeds in 2d mode, 300 core, 600 shader and 200ram.. its a warm night and she is idle at 40 degrees :) mind you its not gone above 55 clocked to 740 core 1586 shader and 2630 ram :|
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    Geforce GTX 280

    got my gtx280 installed, they run a hell of a lot cooler than the ATI cards, but i dunno how cool as mine came with a water block attached :D
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    Happy Birthday kcnychief

    hope you had a great day :)
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    Happy Birthday ~bk

    congrats :)
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    Happy Birthday GoNz0

    thanks :)
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    Happy Birthday GoNz0

    thanks all, not the ideal birthday tho, had to move out today as we sold the house, were camped at the parents for the next couple of months while we get the paperwork done for th e new house, then start work on it :(