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    Pfft, 12 years is nothing!

    Pfft, 12 years is nothing!
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    SAMSUNG USB Driver for Mobile Phones

    Only seen some of these drivers posted in scattered places so I thought I would post the lot taken from Dex, includes (but not limited to these drivers) for both x64 and x86: SAMSUNG Android ADB Interface SAMSUNG Mobile USB Composite Device SAMSUNG Mobile USB...
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    Any particular country?
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    Current PC Build

    Well it has certianly been a journey since the 17th. The card I initially picked the Ventus, there were only a certain number available at a certain discounted price. So by the time I had added it to my basket (ie the second it was available) it was gone. Site I was trying to order on died...
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    A visual history of OSNN

    Just recieved? Must have gone snail mail :D
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    OSNN Newsletter

    Site updated to Xenforo 2.2 - profile header images and other such exciting things. You can also install OSNN as a progressive web app, because reasons. Also Giphy
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    my ten year aniversary

    Yes, its going to dwell in my thoughts for quite some time!
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    Current PC Build

    Wife has given me permission to buy a 3080 woohoo (thats how things work now!)
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    Current PC Build

    I have the Corsair AX860i PSU which may well have been replaced by now, but one thing I love about it is that the fan is only on when its needed (which seems to be never) so it is obviously very quiet!
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    News Official WHQL NVIDIA 452.06 Display Driver

    NVIDIA have released new drivers for their Geforce powered cards adding official game ready support for the new Microsoft Flight simulator due for release later, Tony Hawks Pro Skater, Total War, World of Warcraft and wait, what year is this? It also supports a number of newly validated G-Sync...
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    News Fortnite pulled from Google and Apple app stores for policy violation!

    Of course now Google are getting sued, but less of an argument there I feel!
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    News Fortnite pulled from Google and Apple app stores for policy violation!

    Quite a fast moving and bizarre day in the world of Fortnite which started with Epic enabling a new payment method in their latest update that allows users to pay for 20% cheaper microtransactions by bypassing the devices official app stores thus denying them their 30% cut of the profits. Great...
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    Vysor 3.0.97 troubleshooting

    Prior to todays update my settings on the NVIDIA Shield were: Bitrate 8Mbit Native Software (fast) 75% resolution Sadly it looks quite a bit pixelated: But the in app screenshot download still looks normal: Set defaults and save (the port is removed)...
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    News Windows 10 Insider Developer Build 20180

    I think I missed a build, but Microsoft have once again released a new Wednesday build of their latest development work on Windows 10. Highlights this week include a post-update experience that didn't pop up for me so I guess I have it turned off. There are also some new options for graphics...
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    A visual history of OSNN

    I am surprised Perris hasn't stopped by!