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    Disk Cleanup (cleanmgr) Question.

    it can't be done with cleanmgr. if you want to clean files from other profiles, you'll have to create a batch file to do it manually for each directory and or file(s). (cleanmgr will only clean on the current profile. you can set it to run as a different user from a scheduled task, if that...
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    Router to Router

    KB884020 doesn't contain the word "VPN" and in fact, i've had no problems hosting or connecting to a VPN with my machine running SP2.
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    its been 5 min into doom 3 and i already have probs

    if 'overdrive' does any overclocking, turn it off.
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    according to asus' website, your motherboard may support SATA. look for some SATA ports :)
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    you haven't heard of the new SATA graphics cards? :D
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    which motherboard do you have?
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    wheelmouse on slack
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    Opening a password protected rar file?...

    and even if you knew the tools to do this, if it's a strong password...there's a 99% chance you wouldn't crack it.
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    Xorg error?

    don't be confused on the bit-depths. 24-bit in linux is the same thing as 32-bit depth in windows, and most cards don't support true 32-bit color since windows doesn't support it. and since your fonts work fine in a normal user account (don't run as root. don't run as root. don't run as...
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    Opening a program

    for Outlook, that's normal. if you close it while it's writing to your PST file, it will stay open to finish what it was doing. it will close eventually. i've never heard of Kali, so i can't explain that one.
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    Opening a program

    which program?
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    creating image file in alcohol 120

    as long as you choose the correct type of copy protection in Alcohol, you will receive errors. it's normal to see errors in the status dialog box, but the process will still complete successfully.
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    can't find linux partition

    delete the "unknown" partitions, and create a new ntfs partition.
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    Hint: installing XP on SATA drive

    you're thinking the PCI slots. PCI is more than physical's a bus :) the physical location plays little part in how the SATA controller communacates with other components.
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    The Village