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    New Asus MB

    Sounds like it, yeah just got the call from my house to let me know my board is finally here. Fed Ex delivered it just 6 days after Asus said they mailed it from about 200 miles (1 state) away. Asus definitely isn't winning any awards with me this past year, and I'll bet when I open it there...
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    New Asus MB

    Personally, I'd give it at least a couple weeks before going for the "big OC" as Asus has been having increasing quality issues, and for proper burn in. Just RMA'd my newest Asus board (M3N78-PRO) a few weeks ago (actually expecting it back today) which lasted 31 days before a total failure...
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    good anti-malware programs

    I have had great success for the last year or so with Superantispyware. As always there is no one end all solution for spyware/malware though so I pair that with Spybot S&D. I have been using this combination at home, on the corporate network, and recommended to friends and relatives. Have...
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    Need help networking 2 computers

    As your connecting to the internet through a router which probably has some form of firewall in it, try completely disabling the Windows firewall on both PC's. Though you have allowed the IP's access through the firewall it doesnt mean anything will work. I have seen this problem many times and...
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    Noob trifecta seeking gOS 2.0 info

    Funny, as I look at the files I downloaded.. they do say 2.0.0-beta1 if that isnt 2.0 I dont know what is. Maybe the site didn't refresh as you checked it? CipheR
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    Noob trifecta seeking gOS 2.0 info

    The download is working fine ATM, was able to grab the torrent at a reasonable speed. Forums can be found here And here HTH
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    Help! My network is gone!

    If the computers can access the internet they are more than likely getting IP addresses, and the NIC's are fine. What it really sounds like is the AV package you installed changed your windows firewall settings. If local network access isnt enabled in the windows firewall you wont be able to...
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    DVD Drive Problem

    Because multi-pin connectors are a very particular about how they are seated. It is very common to have to unplug and then reconnect these connectors to re-establish a proper seat and therefore a working connection. Video cards are a great example of this phenomenon. I have seen many that...
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    The numbers are growing

    How many tabs were you using to bring it's usage up to 174m?? I assume you must have had a lot open. Running FF 2.0 right now and using less than 50m of memory with 2 tabs in use. I don't think you will find a browser that wont start loading up your memory once you open a bunch of sites at the...
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    Hey can Anyone help? Coax - Component Stuff.

    You can get these simple RF converters from Radio shack, Walmart, and dozens of other places. Usually easily found in the video departments of said stores where the cables, y adapters, etc are located. CipheR
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    VPN help

    You are working under similiar conditions to the networking we do with 8 of our satellite agencies. In your case, both of your offices on separate networks ranges, which definitely should be set up with the masks. The question however is have you tried setting routes on...
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    So your saying with lower memory usage at windows startup the problem improves? Sounding more like a memory issue...
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    Sounds like a damaged system file, or a bad stick of memory. I'm leaning more toward the latter...
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    My friend's Acer's network issues

    Just to see what happens, try disabling the windows firewall for a few minutes. You will probably be able to access those shared docs right away. ;)
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    where do i find Media Center Edition 2005?

    Actually you are misguided, MCE is simply a modified version of XP and is NOT integrated into any hardware. In order to take full advantage of the product you will need certain pieces of hardware, but the OS is in no way integrated into these pieces. MCE is not sold via retail channels because...