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    A visual history of OSNN

    I'm here! Randomly stopping by to see whats up.
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    my ten year aniversary

    I was just randomly thinking of OSNN tonight, figured I'd stop by and check it out. Better late than never right? Congrats on the ten years perris! I'm not quite to ten years myself, but it's crazy how fast time flies...
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    Awesome, can't wait!
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    Launch the market app from your Xoom. If you scroll down on the homepage of the market there should be a "tablet" specific app section you can select. I'd list off a few apps, but I can't recall their names right this second. If I remember when I get home from work I'll list a few of my...
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    Just go to the market and check out the tablet specific applications. There is a nice RSS reader app, games, etc.
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    I've not rooted mine yet, simply because there doesn't seem to be much reason to do so right now. I'm keeping an eye on the dev threads over at XDA though. As soon as the juicy bits start showing up for rooted Xoom's I'll likely jump right on it. I've not seen any actual custom Xoom FW yet, just...
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    I picked one up about a week or so ago, I'm really like it so far. As Sazar said, the Android 3.0 OS still needs some fine tuning. Also app developers need to update their apps to support the larger form factor (or stop crashes) but over overall I'm happy.
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    If you could live anywhere (in the US)

    California. It's expensive. The weather is nice. The people are self absorbed. The babes are hot. (mostly) Lots to do on the weekends.
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    Happy Birthday to me

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    24 - Season 7

    The show really went down hill in the later seasons. Too bad really as it was once upon a time a very well written and executed drama. Unsticking this thread also btw.
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    Battlefield Bad Company 2

    Re: Battlefield badcompany 2 Do you prefer single player or multi player games?
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    News AMD to deliver driver updates over Steam

    There is one upside to GFW badging, in order to obtain the license to market your game as a GFW title you need to support widescreen gaming out of the box and support an xbox 360 controller via USB among other things. Those two things though are quite important to a number of people. I...
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    A movie you hated, but EVERYBODY seemed to like

    Nowhere in the thread does it say we can't discuss each others opinion and take the piss out of each other while we are at it. Lighten up dude. :)
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    News Verizon Finally Lets Out Android 2.2 Update For The Droid Incredible

    I don't bother with OTA, I just snag the latest cooked rom from XDA for my Nexus One. I'm not sure how the development is going on the Incredible though. Last I checked I think they had custom FW working?