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    Firewall question...Remember Sygate?

    I use comodo on my personal machines, it's very good, extremely thorough, but it might drive you nuts while it 'learns' your system, so you do have to put some time into configuring it, which could easily be too much for the average ebay user/facebook junkie. Also, pay attention to each install...
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    Ubuntu 10.04

    what about fedora? I won't knock ubuntu at all, i was totally an ubuntu freak... then fedora 12 came out, and now 13... awesome distros, don't know about gaming, but otherwise excellent functionality, and just an all around nice os... yeah, lofLa, i've don't some testing (just for my own fun or...
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    Apache Virtual Hosts file setup.

    You're very welcome heeter. :) btw, take another look at LofLA's template, you may want to use the ServerAdmin email... directive he has in the 1st line (i keep a common default in my main conf file so i leave it out by habit) LofLA... nice man, I like the host maker, might have to implement...
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    Apache Virtual Hosts file setup.

    that looks good so far... in the httpd file, under #virtual hosts you will need to Include conf/extra/http_vhosts.conf and depending on what version you're using, you 'might' also have to use LoadModule alias_module modules/ otherwise my thoughts are... I wouldn't bother...
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    Merry Christmas

    Happy Holidays everyone! :)
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    Diablo II: Anyone actually "play" anymore?

    yeahyeah, bringin an OLD thread back... anyway, like the title says....anybody still play?...or is everybody converted over to WOW.
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    Happy 4th of July!

    hahaha indeed it is a PA thing....but ya gotta say it with that pittsburgh accent.... "ARRRN CITY BARE" :P Can't say I blame ya, I try to stay away from the iron myself, can't stand that 3 rivers water taste lol...but Yuengling is a pretty good PA beer(my beer of choice lately)....and since...
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    OSNN Jabber conference room!

    yep, it sure does. it's a plug in...pretty sure it's only available for trillian pro. you can read about it at download :
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    Nature - Wallpaper Gallery

    it appears to be working now...and some very nice shots I might ad. :)
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    Phishing IQ Test

    8/10 here, but like mafia.69, I pointed the finger at a few legit ones being extra "safe". :P
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    Is there a program that shows all incoming and outgoing connections?

    netstat should cover most of what you're lookin for... type netstat help for a list of available comands... for example "netstat -b" will tell you what applcations are connected to the internet, what they're connected to, and what port and protocol they're connected on. and the interval...
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    Alert Popup on firefox

    off topic :Thanks TittleBitties :)
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    Now you know youre lazy ...

    hahaha, I wonder if they have bulk discounts for clans. :P
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    FTP server applications - your opinions?

    well, after playin around with almost every app mentioned, (alot of nice ones I might ad) think I'm gonna purchase bulletproof sometime soon here before the demo runs out. thnx for all the answers kids. :)
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    Computer Case Project finished!

    very creative, looks great man. :D