Zonealarm has to go :( need advice

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by stewartbmw2000, Jun 27, 2002.

  1. I need a new firewall due to zonealarm not working too well with edonkey, this also means I need a popup killer or another firewall with popup killer bundled with it, any suggestions...
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    Do yourself a favour mate and get Nortons Internet Security 2002.
  3. madmatt

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    I recommend NIS 2002 also. However, NIS does not have a popup stopper. For that I recommend SMASHER. For a small fee you can enjoy popup-free browsing.
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    I used Norton's Personal Firewall for a long time and really liked it. Another free alternative is Tiny Firewall it worked good and is free. For pop up stoppers try FreeSurfer it works great with no hassles at all.
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    or try Sygate Personal Firewall Pro, i used Nortons PF because it blended with my Norton AV but since switched to Sygate and am very happy with its simplicity and overall effectiveness without hogging resources even though my system can handle a hog. You can DL the Sygate trial from the website and try it for yourself. In my experiences, Zone Alarm always logged a ton of port scans but i switched to Nortons PF and it was rare when i was port scanned even on cable modem and on sygate its in the middle somewhere so i have no idea why that is, maybe luck who knows.
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    I had loads of problems with zone alarm not remembering settings
    I now use Sygate Personal Firewall Pro Without any problems Whatsoever
  7. thanks for the advice, I tried NIS before and I can't remeber for what reason I took it off, I remeberig it annoying me in some way, can't remember, think I'll try the sygate firewall and for the pop-ups I may go back to my roots with popupkiller unless there is something wrong with it now?? or unless there is a clearly better alternative?
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    <<<<<<<Uses NeoWatch 2.4 fire wall
    & Free Surfer EMS-Project popup stopper
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    This site has been posted on these forums a lot and should be again. If you want free programs without all the bs go here.

    and for an awesome popup stopper go here Pow
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    Sygate do an excellent free firewall program, or a Pro pay-for version (few extra features).

    Im currently using NPF2002 (Norton), works great and stops everything. But its not for the novice!