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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DrMetallica, Aug 4, 2002.

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    I just recently got ZAP (zone alarm pro). I used to be a free user and it worked great for me for 2 years so i decided to get the pro version. It is alot better than the free version but i have alot of problems with ZAP. Sometimes it'll just "preform an illegal operation" and close. like itll be working normally, then poof, its done something illegal and have to close.

    I also want ZAP to start when i boot up my computer.

    so one day i power up my machine and i don't see ZAP in the taskbar(the little bar where the clock is). so i click the desktop icon. still, it doesn't go into the taskbar. whatever. I try opening IE6 and it says it can't connect to the internet to find the web site. I think that's odd. So i try to log on AIM. it says "service cannot be reached". *now i pay $50 a month on 2megabit cable so i was steaming pissed at road runner and blew my steam at some poor road-runner telephone-operator* the only way i got to fix this problem was to reboot my computer and wait 4 or 5 minutes until i see ZAP in the taskbar.

    I still have to wait 4-or-5 minutes when i reboot my computer till ZAP starts. Anyone know how to make this quicker? the free version of ZAP started really fast.

    Now for my memory hogger, kazaa. My comp would freeze for minutes when i had kazaa 1.7.1 open. I got really pissed at this because, after all, 512ram is alot. I fixed this by going and downloading kazaa lite 1.7.2. it's still kind of slow, but it only lags for seconds instead of minutes.
  2. DrMetallica

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    awwww man. i have just found out that that it wasn't kazaa that was eating up my memory and lagging up my computer, but ZAP itself! is there any tweak before i un-install this peice of sheisse and install, from what i hear is the best, black-ice
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    Black-ice is no match for ZAP - it has been working great fro me - make sure you do a clean install and use the lates version 3.0.133 I did have some issues with the earlier versions too.
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    OK i will try the clean install. me mate "dangerous dave" doesn't hafe any firewall at all, and dat cant be good.

    How's sysgate compared to ZAP?
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    I tried Sygate Pro for a while - seemed to work OK - but had trouble with web browsing - specially when using MSN Explorer - some site where being blocked.
    I could not figure out what was going on (nor could I be bothered) and since I could not find any real benefit in using it - I went back to trusty ZAPro
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    I recently tried out a few of the other firewalls after using ZA for a couple years. I did a clean uninstall of my ZA Pro3. Tried both Tiny and Sygate. All three do the basic job. Sygate is nice, but in the end I put ZA Pro ver 3 back on my system. It's loaded with features(if you're into having features which I was used to having). Although ZA Pro takes a bit longer to boot(not 5-6 minutes, maybe 1 minute to load after boot), I still like it.
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    I hear a lot of people who are very happy with ZAP. Good for them... personally i think its an enormous POS. Your computer boots a lot slower and it is quite a memory hog.

    Boot ZAP off your computer. Be selective at what new software you install. Be carefull with what email attachments you open. Run Ad-Aware every once in a while. And you should be pretty safe.

    And about the chance of being hacked; do you have a lot of internet enemies? Do you have source software to mobile phones on your computer? Do you have strategic planes on how to take over Microsoft? Do you have large numbers of Credit Card accounts on your computer? No, then why are you so worried about being hacked?

    Willem Moolenaar
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    I am currently using ZAP 3.0.133 and it's, IMHO, the best there is for user friendliness and the amount of customization allowed.

    I've used Black Ice Defender, and whoever said it was the best there is, lied.

    I've used Norton Personal Firewall and hated it b/c it could not learn what ports were supposed to be blocked and what ports were to be open, it would pop up a window everytime asking if I wanted to allow an incoming TCP connection on port 2781 (or whatever), even though I had manually opened port range 2500-2800 for use with IRC, WinMX & Kazaa. And it was a very slow loader on top of it all. But supposedly, NPF is top notch, so maybe I just misconfigured something and was never able to figure out what.

    ZAP on the other hand takes no time to load at all for me on an AMD Athalon 750mhz, 256 SDRam, Maxtor 60 gig ATA-100 (partitioned 2- 20 gig & 2- 10 gig), 1.5/128 ADSL, Windows XP Professional (legal), and I never have to authorize the same program twice if I tell ZAP to remember my preference.

    As Willem said, the average Joe/Jane has no need for a firewall, so really if you fall into one of the categories he mentioned you'll save a lot of time, trouble and memory by just getting rid of it and making sure you keep your anti-virus software up to date.