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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Mr.Budwieser, Jul 20, 2002.

  1. Mr.Budwieser

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    hey what up , i was wondering if anyones figured out how to run zone alarm while playign online games without it messing it up(phaty delay in mouse cursor and shots) or if anyone uses two firewalls and if so wich ones did u get to run together. Thx
  2. Mr.Budwieser

    Mr.Budwieser Guest

    no smit, dam wonder whats up with mine . I get a delay and my mouse cursor jumps around all funky like. Do you have a ball mouse or optical ?
  3. Kr0m

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    Turtle Island
    I run ZA Pro and play Quake 3 as well without any problems. I either add the Quake 3 exe to the programs section in ZA manually or let ZA ask to let it act as a server or access the net.
  4. Mr.Budwieser

    Mr.Budwieser Guest

    dam , cuz i've done all that stuff too thats weird. Thx for the info tho.
  5. DrMetallica

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    back in the day when i only had the free version of ZA, i would connect to the interenet, open up my game, and do something that would require the game to connect to the interenet( clicking multiplayer). It would give me a black screen of death. so i'd reboot, then go into ZA and manually click "connect to interenet-yes; act as a server-yes" then i went off to play my game.

    i have ZAP now so when ever i want to play a new game i set the program-thing to "learning mode".
  6. jonocainuk

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    i had issues with ZA and q3 online... the mouse would jus go off in its own merry world... half the time, id turn a corner and end up spinnin around an finishing looking up at the ceiling before splatting into bits cuz some fool has shot me in a moment of madness.

    Norton Personal Firewall sorted the problems... I tried sygate but it gave me packet loss big time. Might try tiny personal firewall sometime soon... but norton seems the best atm.
  7. Mr.Budwieser

    Mr.Budwieser Guest

    well at least i know its not just me now. Sounds exactly like what would happen to me Ya i just use norton now too, its a descent enough firewall too. Do you have a intellipoint mouse by chance ? Thx for teh reply too man .
  8. dijital

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    sounds like a lot of your are having the sticky mouse problem