Your MIND is stronger than your foot!

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by mlakrid, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. mlakrid

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    How strong do you think your physical control is?

    Did you say VERY strong?

    Then try this...

    sit on a chair and lift your RIGHT foot...

    now begin rotating your leg in a clockwise direction...

    NOW... keep moving your foot clockwise... and using your RIGHT hand make a figure of the number SIX...

    what happened to your foot?

    Turned the opposite direction didnt it...

    NO one knows exactly why yet...

    Scary eh?


  2. Perris Calderon

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    I know why but I haven't published my findings yet so you have to wait till I do
  3. Perris Calderon

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    so here's my analysis

    our brain is a uniprocessor or possibly a dually, we don't have a quad core, it's not a gazzillion differant processors, it's a single core or dually

    even if it's dually, each thing we do has to compete for processor time under differant assigned priorities

    the people that can do a few complicated things at one time have a better scheduler then the people that can only do one complicated thing at a time

    there are a bunch of underlying services that get real time processor time and we actually have a scheduler similar to the nt scheduler, read this if you don't know what the nt scheduler is

    as far as scheduling, let's take for instance your heart beating...that would get a real time priority of 10, breathing gets a real time priority of 7

    using your foot to draw circles gets a dynamic priority of 1

    drawing a 6 gets a dynamic priority of 2

    depending on which you want to do more, those priorities will alternate, and as one action is performed incorrectly, processor priorities will switch to correct errors as well

    since you continue trying to do both at the same time, your brain is trying to give quantoms to one then the other in a failed attempt to do both and can't decide which one to spend the most quantums, the processor get's it wrong and sends the wrong directions to the wrong process

    I didn't refine that, just came up with it but I'm not joking, I believe that's what's happening and I'm pretty sure that's a good model of what's going on
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  4. ray_gillespie

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    That's scarier than the Exorcist!!!!

    Reps for that man! :)

  5. fitz

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    my leg kept moving clockwise.. does that make me a freak? (or maybe more of a freak that I already am?)
  6. X-Istence

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    I would not want the NT scheduler to be running my brain, it refuses dual core support unless the apps are linked against a special library. (Yes, weird eh, NT scheduler can't schedule an app on both CPU's (alternating off course) if there is no support for it in the application to be scheduled, instead leaving it on only one core of the CPU).

    I prefer to think my brain has a UNIX scheduler, has evolved over time, has become strong, and understands multiple cores, without the need of application support.
  7. mlakrid

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    We want PROOF!

    VIDEO MAN its the only way...

  8. Grandmaster

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    I'd say you're theory is good. One thing I do know: we have the world's best and most complicated parallel processor (with something like 1000 trillion cores) and it is equipped with the world's best "parallel processor optimized software".

    That's why we haven't been able to create a processor that is better than the human brain.