Your 20 watt brain?

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    Picture in your mind the sight and sounds of popcorn popping. As you picture the popping becoming more frantic as the popper fills up, do you begin to smell the popcorn? That's part of the wonder of the brain. The brain can not only store words and ideas, but sights, sounds and even smells.

    The average person's memory is able to retain about 100 billion bits of information - the information found in 500 sets of encyclopedias. But, to use computer language, the brain is not only a place where information is stored, it is also an information processor. Yet it only weighs a little less than four pounds and uses about 20 watts of energy. Our most sophisticated modern computers don't even begin to approach such efficiency.

    Research has shown that the more you use part of your brain, the larger that part becomes - just like building muscles. And if you don't use part of your brain, it starts shrinking. Few of us have developed our ability to memorize things to any great extent. But to show you what can be done, in May of 1974 a Burmese man recited, from memory, 16,000 pages from a Buddhist religious text!

    Noah Webster (Webster dictionary) could resite any part of the bible by chapter and verse.

    What have you been doing with your brain?
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    What have you been doing with your brain?

    Converting it to DDR and fitting it with a new heat sink!:D
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    killing as many brain cells as possible lately

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    What was the question? :confused:
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    the year 2525
    were am I....