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    You guys make me sick:D all of your sweet icons, and wallpapers. Please share the knowledge. I search endlessy for the one site that will have the tutorials i need to learn the good stuff. This site is awsome with awsome artists, please help some of us noobs and if i am the only one here then help me please. I have photoshop 7 and fair knowledge of the program but i guess their is lots of little things a person can do that i dont know about that would or will change everything. I would greatly appreciate maybe some kind of........ Tips and Tricks for Photoshop from all of you graphic wizards that is XP-erience members.

    Nothing big but the 304 tips and tricks thing for photoshop i found wasnt very tricky or much on the tips either. Or if that isnt possible :confused: maybe a good list of sites that might help.

    my msn is

    for any guy whom might be able to help me..
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    currently I have only one tutorial on my site on how to make your own dented icons. If you go to my site, and then go to the links section, some of the istes have really good tutorials.

    Also, check out the tutorial on hwo to convert mac icons my Mavis, here: