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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by NeedHelper, Mar 31, 2002.

  1. NeedHelper

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    Is it possible to install Win Xp on 2 comps?? i heard from someone that if i dont activate it , it will stop working in 30 days. Is there some thing i can do , so that doesnt happen?? or do i have to buy another license?
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    One Disk One Computer

    That's how it works, from what I'm told. The second install should run out in the 30 days that you spoke of. I think you get a discount for your second install. Not much 10 or 15 bucks.
  3. LPDad

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    Well....Being as this is just a informational question..

    (and of course you are just curious as to IF it could be done).
    The official and correct answer is that you must have purchased a copy of WinXP for Each seperate 'puter you install it on.

    [BTW, Don't hold your breath on ANY discount from MS]

    Supposidly :D , If your 2 computers are Identical (Same exact system, hardware configuration, memory, LAN card, etc) then the activation is supposed to be the same for a given hardware configuration.

    I have even seen (although it was NOT HERE at ex-perience.com) at another WinXP site a step by step method for taking an XP home version of XP and converting it to a <cough> different version which does not <cough> have the 30 day restriction <cough, cough>.

    Course I don't <cough> condone any such "messing" with your beloved XP files.

    Damn Dust in the air <cough, cough>:mad:

    Hey, but on a Brighter note

    :D you could always check out some nifty sites that could actually help you <cough> keep your 'puter in top shape !!

    :D Don't say I never gave you nothin :D <cough, cough>
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    the year 2525
    bad koff... u been hangin round devilstown again in the rain ?
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    WHAT ??????

    ME ????

    I'm a GOOD boy !! :D
  6. NeedHelper

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    2nd instal?

    where can i obtain this 2nd install?? and how much is it?
  7. Zedric

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    Re: 2nd instal?

    Closest computer store? Same as the first one?
  8. xsivforce

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    Re: 2nd instal?

    one place is here ;)
  9. MiseryQ

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    The second Install is only $10-$15 off a regular install... And from waht I've read the demand for it has been so great That MS aren't doing it anymore... But I read that in an actual magazine, and yo know those thing are written three months ahead...
  10. MiseryQ

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    Why would he want to break his XP cd?!? IS that allowed?!?
  11. mwfs351

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    A crack is a small software program. in this case it that disable the 30 day trial period. that is encoded into the XP OS.
    Is it allowed. (probably not)
  12. Brad

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    yes i can confirm that there are cracks out there cuz my friend has a cracked version-- installed on all the comps in his house
  13. LPDad

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    /me keeps mouth shut

  14. toolfool719

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    MOUTH IS CLOSED (also)