Yamaha CD Burner Problems

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by pegusus, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. pegusus

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    Hey, im having some problems with my Yamaha cd burner, it isnt acknowledging that there is a cd in it, the blue light on it will flash multiple times then go purple which means it has no cd in it, though it does. I have tried multiple types of CD-R's, switched the drive bay's around and from slave to master and back again. If anyone has any idea of how i may be able to fix this please do so, i use my burner alot and i need it back in working order as soon as possible! thanks alot :)

    By the way, my dvd-rom still works in both drive bays so im assuming it has nothing to do with the connectors, but the drive itself.
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    I had a Yamaha drive once for about 2 days before I got rid of the POS. This was about a year ago, don't know if they improved any, but I know that it would not see disks, and if you went to my computer and double clicked the drive, your only hope was the power button. Sounds like it is dead, get a lite on for half the price and burn away without problems.
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    Yah, mine is about a year old and I am having the same problem of it not reading normal cd's or now cd'rs. Ill have to definately look into a new one, but this time with my own money :/
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    Had a Yamaha CDRW up to 8.months ago.with occasional software conflicts, usually my error.
    Ony had to clean it.
    Definitely superior build quality against most other brands, in fact Yamaha pulled out of this market because they would not compromise this quality and would not try to produce £30 models when they led the market in technology that could not be sold at that price.
    Try Hipsters page first, and then possible software driver type conflicts introduced after CDRW was last working correctly.
    These machines just do not fail to work en masse.
    A case of "cheaper most definitely is not best"
  6. pegusus

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    Hey, i messed around with the slave and master things on the back of the drive, and ive seem to got it to work, hopefully nothing else goes wrong, thanks for all the input though :D