Yahoo! Messenger with Voice v8.0.506 Beta

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    Yahoo! Messenger with Voice Beta (v8.0.506 Beta)
    • Free PC-to-PC calls*, low rates on PC-to-phone calls*
    • Enjoy fun plug-ins for Yahoo! services, eBay,, more
    • Catch up on friend's lives with Yahoo! 360° built right in
    Make it yours with plug-ins
    Get the content you want, delivered right to Yahoo! Messenger and share it with friends while you IM. You'll find handy plug-ins for Yahoo! Music, News, Finance, and more. Plus ones for eBay,, and more.

    See what friends are up to
    Use the Yahoo! 360° plug-in to get alerts on — then see — the latest photos, blog entries, reviews, and more from your friend's Yahoo! 360° pages. Also send blasts and post blogs to your 360° page from the plug-in.

    Download: Yahoo! Messenger with Voice v8.0.506 Beta

    Remove Ads
    You can easily remove the ads that display at the bottom of the Yahoo! Messenger window. Follow these instructions.
    • To remove ads from the Yahoo! Messenger window
    • Run regedit
    • Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\pager\YUrl
    • Create a new string named "Messenger Ad"
    • Change the value to "*" (without the quotes)
    This news is a few days old but I just found the registry hack for removing ads and I wanted to share it with my friends here at OSNN.