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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Lee, Apr 26, 2004.

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    Yahoo Messenger has some great features. Same with MSNM. Too bad almost nobody I know uses YM, and pretty much only my friends from India use MSNM.
    I always wonder why everyone here in the US seems to love AIM so much. [​IMG]
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    It's the opposite over here, can't get anyone to use AiM (would be nice due to the iChat compatibility)
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    Direct download link for Yahoo! Messenger 6.0 beta.

    The facelift they gave Yahoo was definitely well needed but the beta still has issues to be ironed out.

    Depending on the client used different people in different countries have issues. I've found many European friends have issues with Yahoo when it comes to profile and other server-related Yahoo stuff. Many European friends have also had major issues with MSN Messenger in that one person, for instance, couldn't even connect for 2 months solid. I just honestly think the companies don't put enough resources into the connection servers outside the US which is a shame.

    I use multiple clients for multiple purposes. ICQ still has the best file transfer abilities. MSN I prefer for ease of use. Yahoo has the best multi-user voice chat.
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    My sister uses AiM but thats just so she can chat to her american friends
    other than that I use msn cause most of my friends from uni and various girlies are on it