Yahoo Mail Question (virus)

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by XpGuy1, Jan 15, 2003.

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    I like most other people have a few Yahoo mail accounts i use while on the internet. I have recently in one of them received a virus in a attachment that I had received.

    I'm not really sure about this so perhaps someone can tell me. If i do not down load an email or attachment from the yahoo server my pc shouldn't be infected correct? I used the scan the attachment link in yahoo mail and discovered the virus. I immediatly deleted it from my inbox in yahoo and emptied the trash. The only way to get a virus from web based email programs is to download the mail or attachments to your pc right?

    Thanks for you reponses in advance,
  2. Tabula Rasa

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    You can only get the virus if you open or download the attachment.
    if you didn't opened it nor downloaded it, no harm should be done.
    to avoid stuff like that, get a AntiVirus software for your PC as well, just in case.
  3. XpGuy1

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    Thanks benny

    I do have anti virus software on my machine i just wasn't sure how you could get virus from a internet mail program i was under the assuption that as long as you dont download the mail from the yahoo sever to your hard drive your okay. i did open the mail but the infection i belive was in the attachment. I scanned the attachment before doing anything to see if it was clean and after seeing it wasn't i deleted. it. i have scanned my machine and haven't found a thing just worried and paranoid i guess. : )