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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Carol, Jul 26, 2002.

  1. Carol

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    Hi kids...
    I have an interesting problem & could use a little help....My IE now has the Yahoo Companion toolbar which my son-in-law installed (he knows not what he's doing with a 'puter, so why he took liberties with mine is beyond me..sheesh)...But anyway, I know there's customize/remove button to get rid of it but here's the biggest problem, all of the buttons/menus are in Spanish! ..Therefore, since he's not around & I don't understand Spanish, I have no idea which is the freakin remove function!....Geez....
    So, can anyone out there plz help?
    Much appreciation.... Carol
  2. Zooker

    Zooker OSNN Addict

    I imagine you could find it in the Control Panel under add/remove programs, Yahoo should be listed there, highlight it and just click 'remove', hope that helps!:)
  3. Carol

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    Hiya Zooker..
    Thanks for the reply but I've already checked the add/remove but y'see, the Companion thing isn't a proggie, but actually a .dll extension something or other... : ( Hmmm, another thing is that according to the Yahoo help page I should be able to grab that toolbar & move it elsewhere....Uhh, I I've tried but, apparently not....

    Something rather interesting in add/remove tho, and that is only 5 or 6 apps are listed which is weird since I have WAY more stuff loaded on this here 'puter...What d'ya make of that?

    Anyone else have any ideas 'bout how to dump the Yahoo Companion?.....Or at least, someone who speaks Spanish who can direct me to the menu to remove it??....

    Again, thanks for any help!.... C.
  4. Carol

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    Hey y'all, 'tis me again here to say I figured out how to dump the Yahoo thang!.....Y'see, there's this little pencil thingy on the toolbar which if clicked one of the words in the drop-down seems to refer to 'personalize' (in Spanish of course...*G*)...So anyway, I saw another word that looked alot like it referred to 'uninstall Companion'.....yup, that was the right one, alright....

    What a fujistic trip!.....LOL

    Laterz.... C.