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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Vanquished, Mar 2, 2008.

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    I like the idea of this website, as it does help and it allows already yahoo members to ask questions and give answers, but look at my question:

    The first few people simple dismissed that the Maxima has a 20 gallon tank, which it does in fact have, the rest of the people assume that I just didn't let my car run till the gas light was on.

    All in all, the fact that the question asker can't respond to people's questions makes the site kind of stupid and unproductive.

    Anybody else have any thoughts?
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    I think that the lack of vetting makes answers kinda useless to me. They're opinion. The few times I've looked at the answers, the information was identical to that found in wikipedia or other online resources, some of which have content that's actually validated.

    It's like those "people in the street" surveys asking "do you think this is constitutional?" ... Goodness ... it's LAW, not public opinion.

    Sorry. I'm being bitter.

    But message boards are the same ... people on horse and motorcycle message boards are always answering a question not asked. When it comes to advice, you get what you pay for. Cept here. People here rock.
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    AWG is right. I feel if you are looking for a specific answer to a specific question. Its best to keep to a forum or web site dealing with the issue at hand. Yahoo Answers is a very vague. It main stream bloat simply irritates me.

    i would use Google (Google is your friend)and find Nissan Specific forums and or help sites. heck call your dealer and have a tech explain it to you since you just bought a new 08'.

    update: from motor Trend

    well from the looks of it the "20 gallon" is simply a number standard. So I figue the "16.7" gallon is the max.
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    My car is supposed to have a 12 gallon tank, in reality the most I have ever been able to throw into it at the gas station was 9 gallons, and that was when I was practically running on fumes.

    Most of the time when car manufacturers say a certain amount of gallons, they mean the size of the entire tank (as in, the outside. How many gallons does it displace when I push it under water!).I wish car manufacturers would give straight answers.