***y do i get this mesg everytime i boot up!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by original delboy, Jan 17, 2002.

  1. Hi i have a dell inspiron 8100 laptop and have been getting this mesg evertime i boot up! it comes on the bottom of the task bar where the time is etc..wich is in a yellow triangle and the title is " devices or applications disabled"

    Applications or devices on this computer use drivers that will cause windows to become unstable. Windows has prevented these from loading. click here for more details...and when i click this is what i get..

    a window appears wich is help and support center...

    Obsolete application and device drivers
    cd recording software cdrlaw2k.sys roxio, inc..( i had this installed winon cd 3.7 but it did not detect my drive so i removed the prog so y am i getting this mesg still..?
    and the other driver file name is cdr4_2k.sys

    system software
    microsoft windows xp pro..doesnt say anything next to it...
    bios nothing said again

    video card nothing said
    network card nothing said
    sound card and usb controller nothing said

    hard disk
    local disk (c:) 15% (low)

    random access memory
    512mb nothing said again

    why do i get these mesages...i have installed all the updates from m/s site...

    these are my specs of the inspiron 8100 laptop

    32mb geforce2 go
    15" 1600*1200 resolution

    let me know if you need to knw anything else

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    It's because of the Roxio software, it seems it wasn't fully removed from the driver load list, you might wanna check your startup under msconfig and see if anything is listed there, all else fails and the message really bothers you, you can try getting a regclean program to run and if that fails...

    clean install :)
  3. hi there thx for the reply...can u recomend one..which is very easy to use and wrks too!! do u now where i can get it from.....is norton any good etc??

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  5. Hi kylie thx m8 for the reply..i d/l the aaa tools like you suggested and ran the reg clean...but it did not solve the above problem...but it cleared alot of stuff tho!

    i also d/l another reg clean prog from dloads .com it is called "reg vac" this is a good prog too...i ran this but did not ssolve the above still:mad: but it picked up stuff that aa tools didn't ...? do u knw why that is...it may be the cause that it just missed um out or something i don't now..but its strange that one prog missed things out while another picked them up...i will keep the 2 progs on ma laptop as they are good anyway.
    So i guess you now want to knw how i solved the problem i was getting huh..:p well i simply did a search for the two files on ma laptop which were cdrlaw2k and cdr4_2k.sys found em they were in windows system drivers and removed them...i then rebooted and vola no mesg about a windows help support etc:D

    Just like to say thx to all of the ppl who replied to the post and helped me out that ppl:p :p :p :p

    Also just a word keep up the good wrk guys and keep xp-ing:D
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    if you are not using escd then why not just move the driver to your documents and boot up if it has a problem with a file then just get it out of the system dir.and see if that works..or go into regedit and del anything with roxio...back up your reg of course...and do a system restore point..but like the other guy said just leftovers from an uninstall