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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Bob S, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. Bob S

    Bob S Guest

    I run a dual boot XP and W2000. I ran XPSP1 beta build 1089 (had it on a zip drive) just to see. Ran fine, but when I went to boot into W2000 I got a message that my WINNT directory system32 file was corrupted and I should try to repair.

    Well, I keep Ghost backups of all my drives, so I merely reran a copy of W2000 I made last Friday, rebooted and still had the same problem. To me this meant that the beta on the XP drive had done something to my boot.ini file in all probability.

    So I reran my XP drive from a Ghost made yesterday w/o the beta. Guess what, everything than ran fine, after reboot. So the beta caused the problem.

    Question: Anyone else seen this and if so has the problem been corrected on newer builds and will it then be OK when the final is released.

    Thank God for Ghost... Please advise
  2. Bob S

    Bob S Guest

    Lots of lookers, but not godd insight. Anyone seen this problem and resolution?
  3. Plexapotamus

    Plexapotamus Guest

    If it is your boot.ini file, then you can create a back up of it, or simply edit it yourself after installing SP1...
  4. Bob S

    Bob S Guest

    Yeah, I know...my question was has anybody else seen this happen and if so, has it been fixed?
  5. Plexapotamus

    Plexapotamus Guest

    it probably will be by the time the full version is out, you downloaded build 1089, thats already pretty old