Xp wont install

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by djdazza, Mar 5, 2002.

  1. djdazza

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    hello every 1
    just tried 2 install xp pro as an up grade (using win 98 se at mo)
    it starts loading fine says it loading xp comes up with the loading screen and then a get a fatal error message saying the parameters r incorrect on F:\1386\asms and cannot continue setup
    I am using a LG cd rw ced-8080b CD ROM to install
    Please Help Driving me mad

  2. GoNz0

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    the year 2525
    Cant you live with a clean install ?. XP CD should have the file and settings transfer wizard. That will take all ur files etc, zip em up into a folder for you to transfer onto a nice clean XP install. upgrading isnt the best option around.
  3. djdazza

    djdazza Guest

    Cheers Buddy will try that now. fingers crossed
  4. eGoalter

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    yea hes right

    upgrading to xp causes a headache, ull save money on asprin and stress pills if you do a clean install, i would format, and start fresh.
  5. SirLasher

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    Ive never done a good install with upgrading.. its always better to do a fresh install... always..

    pointing to the half full aspirin bottle from the old days of trying.
  6. GoNz0

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    the year 2525
    I was on the phone to a friend who had just got a <koff> corparate <coff> copy off me <koff> as he worked at the same <kofF> corparation as me <koff> ( I got to stop smoking) & I told him to use the upgrade as he wasn't sure on how to make everything work afterwards.
    Now as he has more money than me. He upgraded to a brand new custom built PC 1 month later & i traded my old PC for his and some £££ so his old PC wasnt wasted on young kids.. ( yey i got a nice hand built puter cheap.)
    After getting this PC and booting up... the HDD was clunking and banging about (poor thing) No amount of diskeeper defragging cured this. Then i found in add remove 1 day an uninstall feature to remove XP :eek: Its like adding a 550mb upgrade (service pack) and it made this PC run at a snails pace.
    From then on all i use is the file and settings transfer wizard after a format.

    Only way to go in my books.

    (excuse typos as im really really drunk:p )