XP will not boot.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Kaila Yu, May 27, 2002.

  1. Kaila Yu

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    Ok to start things off. There is NOTHING wrong with my hardware WHATSOEVER. If you decide that there is a problem with my hardware please refrain from answering please! Otherwise I need help badly :) Ok, last thing I remember about this hard drive was that it crashed for no reason. When I rebooted the bios knew my hard drive and other devices were there and when XP was just going to go to the boot screen, BAM. Reset. I tried hitting F8 and going to safe mode but it won't even let me go that far. I can access the drive in DOS, otherwise its pretty much a "format me now" drive. I just installed XP like 3 days ago too. What a shame. If there aren't any good relevant responses in 12 hours, I'm going to reinstall once again. Please no hardware replys. Thanks.
  2. theauditors

    theauditors Guest

    maybe it's the hardware :D
  3. Qumahlin

    Qumahlin Moderator

    Boot from the XP disk and try and go into the recovery console. then type fixboot, and fixmbr to write a new boot record to the drive, if that still doesn't work do a repair installation and see if that will get ya in.
  4. gonaads

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    Yeah, you said that your hardware is fine. But did you check you Power Supply? Did you check your Memory Modules? If the PSU is funky it will not let it boot. Your BIOS will still list everything o.k. If the Mem Module is not seated correctly or just bad, it will not boot. Otherwise a repair install or complete reinstall is probably in order if you can't do a fixboot from the recovery console.
  5. Kaila Yu

    Kaila Yu Guest

    um. i dislike your "its probably a hardware problem" reply. I'm running on a different hard drive right now. nothing is wrong with my hard drive. *refrains from flaming*
  6. gonaads

    gonaads Beware the G-Man Political User Folding Team

    I think Theauditors was joking Kaila Yu. You WILL get that on occacion here. :) But we still try to help. Lighten up. We know it's frustrating when any of us have problems with our Machines. :)
    I had a similar prob and it turned out to be a Memory prob. I have a freind who also had a similar situation, it turned out to be his Power Supply. The HD in both situations was never an issue. All other Hardware were perfect.
  7. Syrus

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    A similar problem happened to me and i just booted from the disk a couple of times, and the problem went.
  8. Gouk

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    it 'could' be your hardware though. not your hard drive but as some people pointed out, it could be a badly seated ram stick etc...
  9. niabi

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    hmmm this is wierd, if you are positive it is not your hardware, why post it on the hardware section of the forums? hmmmm i guess its like tootsie pop we will never really know!

  10. Custer

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    I had a similar problem. Changed hard drives and still had the same problem. It's been a week or so since the last reinstall so I still don't have any idea if it's resolved or not. Everything is fine then all of a sudden... boom! no boot!

    Geez... Ain't 'puters fun!

  11. Gouk

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    This has happened to me in the past on XP:

    Unmountable Boot Volume

  12. Kaila Yu

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    Welp. I gave up and reinstalled. Thanks for your hardware help. >:[
  13. SessedOut

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    Next time, read what Qumahlin suggested and use the Windows XP CD and use the console on there to repair/analyze the situation. If that doesn't work then MAYBE it is hardware related.