XP UPnP article by Zorensen

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Coelacanth, Dec 27, 2001.

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    I take it that English is not Zorensen's primary language -- at least I hope it's not. Get that guy a spelling and grammar checker ASAP!

    But even worse, he is just plain wrong. XP does come with UPnP installed and enabled by default, period. Mine was, and my XP Pro was a retail box, definitely not an OEM version.

    Here is a utility to easily get rid of it: http://grc.com/UnPnP/UnPnP.htm

    And BTW, Steve Gibson got it right....
    "...this was VERY deliberate and Microsoft STILL has not learned their lesson: A very troubling aspect of this issue is that the POTENTIAL for this insecurity was intentionally and needlessly designed into Windows XP from the start. ALMOST NO ONE uses or needs to have Universal Plug and Play enabled today. Yet every copy of Windows XP sold has it enabled and running by default. "
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    "He's usually 100% spot-on from my viewpoint!"

    I assume you mean Steve Gibson, not Zorensen.
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    I guess I would suggest, then, that Zorensen's incorrect (and largely illiterate) post be taken off the home page, since it could give non-OEM WinXP users a false sense of security.
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    Well, I have a LAN at home, so maybe I'm not the best guy to try all of those tweaks. But thanks for the suggestion anyway.