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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kewlio, Jul 11, 2002.

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    I downloaded and saved all the critical updates for Windows XP Pro and put them on cd so I can install them at a later time if i need to reload windows again. My question is will these updates I downloaded work for windows XP Home Edition to or will I have to download the updates for XP Home? I have one system that has XP Pro and one that has XP Home.

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    How you did that?!!!
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    Click here to go to the windows update catalog. Then click "Find updates for Microsoft Windows operating systems". Now select your operating system and click search. It will show you all the updates. Click Add to add all the updates you want to download to your download basket. Then when you are done click "Go to download basket". There it will let you pick a place on your hard drive to save all the updates to.

    Hope this helps
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    How do you save the updates?
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    corporate=true, that makes sense!

    I figured there must be a way to do that, just never seen it.

    Thank you! This will save me hours and hours in years ahead!
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    I had a question the other day - a bit along these samelines - could anyone help????


    See this post please
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    You can also get the updates and save them locally from www.techspot.com

    They also have win98se /w2k/ME update pages, ALL the updates you'll ever need!! :D
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    I heve a question...

    I while back I did an update on my pc and it added a new string for every single update file on my Add and Remove Programs List. How can I avoid this?? or Is this normal? cuz if it is it sucks...I can't stand having a long list of useless stuff.

    thanx :p
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    Any tips on installing the downloaded updates?

    I've got them all on my drive now, THANKS!!!

    When I reinstall WinXP, how does the update process work?
  10. Piett

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    I'm with SaintKaden. Now i've got all the hotfixes in the Add/Remove dialog. What can be done to have them not displayed or not even shown there?