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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by XPro-TaNK, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. XPro-TaNK

    XPro-TaNK Guest

    how do i go back to win2k? i tried making win2k boot disks and reboot the computer that didnt work, i tried both ver of xp "DOS" and still can format the drive. what should i do?
  2. zoloto

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    here ya go....

    if your computer boots from a cd, try that.

    but here's a good way to start.

    use this boot disk to format your hdd and start fresh.


    ranish partition manager. dont let the word BETA scare you either. it works great for me, so you should be all set. :)
  3. AyA

    AyA Guest

    clean install, or install 2k and xp and have a dual boot, but i would recommend a clean install.
  4. LoctOut

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    agree.. clean install only way to go.

    a note thoough......... if you use a partition control program like this ranish thing, or partition comander or similar, they are not compatible with programs like GoBack, Second Chance and such.

    I prefer to just install different os's to different partitions and dual boot.