XP Themes without SyleXP

Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by iks, May 26, 2002.

  1. iks

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    Hello there!

    Is it possible to use third party Windows Themes without TGTSoft's StyleXP installed?
    I think it just changes (or better hacks) the themeui.dll and some other files so Windows are no more checking the Theme's signatures and that stuff, so additional themes can be loaded...

    Now can anyone *please* send me or tell me where to get those changed/hacked DLLs?

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  3. Iceman

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    Read this thread, if you haven't already.


    Hack away, have fun :D

    post your desktop when your done, everybody likes looking at them ;)
  4. iks

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    Wow thanks for your answers... Now everything works fine...

    And my deskop is in attached file:
    - Theme is Black Comb Pro 1.1 with Classic start button, downloaded from www.themexp.org,
    - Background is Protoculture Wallpaper downloaded from www.deviantart.com.

    What do you think of it?

    If anyone wants them, just drop me a line :)

    Thanks agan and have a nice day all of you...
  5. Iceman

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    Looks great!!!!!!

    Can I make a couple suggestions?

    Add Coolmon with MBM to your desktop,

    also Rainlendar

    Tweak the heck out of them, make it look sharp:D
  6. iks

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    Hehe I love Rainlendar, I just need to reconfigure it a little and find some nice bitmaps to stick them on this proggy... :)