XP SP1 install problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by insaNity, Sep 22, 2002.

  1. insaNity

    insaNity Guest

    when I try to install XP SP1, the files extract ok, then it brings up the first step of the wizard.
    this window then closes itself and a moment later it brings up this error (attached) "Service Pack 1 Setup Canceled"

    I'm wondering what is the cause of this? could it be a service I tweaked or something?

    please see attached error screeny.
  2. Speed4Ever

    Speed4Ever Guest

    Is antivirus running?
    Are any applications running in the background except standard wiindows services, etc?
    If so, shut them down.

    Yeah, try and enable the services that you toyed with, wouldn't hurt, although I doubt thats causing it.

    Also, is your XP legit? If its cracked or warez, that will do it too.

    Good luck.
  3. yoyo

    yoyo _________________

    In many of the cases this error appears the reason is you sometimes used XP-Antispy and disabled two dll files needed. If so you need to start XP-Antispy again and reset the settings or

    Start>Run and type in the run box the following
    regsvr32.exe licdll.dll OK
    regsvr32.exe regwizc.dll OK

    If this is not your case there are several threads in this forum about the problem - must however confess that at least two didn't find a solution.
  4. insaNity

    insaNity Guest

    ahh, good old xpantispy I installed and forgot about all so long ago

    thanks yoyo, the regsvr32.exe commands fixed it :)