XP SP1 Beta and Cracked XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ChrissiCom, Jun 10, 2002.

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    When I read on the start page that the XP Service Pack won't work on a cracked XP I thought s***! :) But I tried to install it anyway.

    Well, first I want to tell in what way my XP is cracked. I am using an original version of XP but I didn't activate it instead I am using a tool to prevent the activation time counting down. After installing the SP1 Beta my windows did boot properly but when I tried to log-on it told me that windows is unable to accurately checking the licence. This is because I am using a non-activated XP.... info removed...replaced the updated one. The Service Pack Installation went fine and I was also able to boot into windows.

    This way you can use the SP1 with your cracked XP. But please notice that I have a original key for my XP (only the activation is cracked) so I don't know if this tweak works for the warez version with the FCK.... key also.
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    Little too much info. I can appreciate your situation with a non-activated "legit" version but, let's not talk about getting around stuff here.