XP SP#1 problems ???

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Notch, Sep 19, 2002.

  1. Notch

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    I installed XP SP1 and it seemed nice with the option to uninstall that horrible MSN MESSANGER ! but after you " uninstall it" thru the new option in sp1 outlook express opens it up.... !!! help!:)
  2. Hipster Doofus

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    Melbourne Australia
    Some else said the same thing today. As yet I have not seen a fix. Good ol' Bill is at it again. :eek:
  3. Tabula Rasa

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    Outlook always did it.
    dll the attached file (only 24k) its a program called "Xp-AntiSpy"
    has some security fetures and the option to stop massenger starting becuse of outlook...
  4. allan

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    That would be Outlook Express, not Outlook.

    SP1 does not remove Messenger from your system - only hides it from view. If you want to completely remove it from your system you need to do the following:

    Click Start / Run Then type the following:

    RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove
    Press ENTER
    Restart Windows
  5. rettahc

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    Just rename the messenger directory
    c:\program files\messenger -> C:\program files\messengeroff
    and you will never see the messenger again
  6. damn why do u all bother with that thing? do what i did. delete the whole thing from program files dir and forget about it
  7. djmgyx

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    I don't suggest blindly deleting the file from the program files directory and never have, yes that will remove the program but it will leave all ties attached to the now removed dll, and exe files in the system registry. There is a file that can be modified and I believe it may be the one listed above that will unhide the messenger program from the add/remove program list. Once that has been done simply use the add/remove program feature of XP and remove it and all ties to it from the system. IMHO, deleting the folder as mentioned above does more harm than good, and should never be done. Same thing goes for renaming directories. it simply isn't a clean way of resolving the issue. The out of site, out of mind, theory doesn’t really work with computers, as half the things used are out of site.
  8. well for me deleting that messenger worked fine. i have not yet seen anything about it since in my xp windows :)