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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ao-t, Apr 1, 2002.

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    I recently installed XP professional. Most things went fine, except that i now do not have any sound. My sound card is a C-Media CMI87378/C3DX. XP says that everything is installed properely, the drivers i am using are 'digitally signed'. It should work, but unfortunately it doesnt. i have no sound playing (i have checked the volume control etc etc). the only time i get what could be called sound is when i try to play something in media player 8. i get a very annoying clicking noise coming out of my speakers which can be controlled by the volume control thing, and doesnt stop enless i log off or turn off my computer. Today i formatted, and installed xp fresh (i had previously upgraded from win98se). the problem still exists, which is very annoying. i need sound on my pc because i use it for music and the silence is really getting to me. could anyone help me or will i be forced to downgrade to 98se which i would prefer not to as i like the rest of the features in xp.

    cheers, Aaron
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    So are the drivers you have the newest from your manufacturer? since if XP is reporting no problems or device conflicts i'm willing to guess it's a driver problem...best you could do is contact manufactuere or such, sorry man..but I might be wrong