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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by elkinm, Nov 30, 2002.

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    To clarify on the title, I reinstalled norton SWPro 2002 but now I noticed that at boot, when the system logs on to the default user (automaticaly) it take a few minutes for it to be usable. Suring that time anything serious fails to run. Explorer runs, but things like IE or any other seperate program would freeze for a few minutes. I tried setting new display setting for my graphics card and when the system flashes the black screen the black screen stays untill the system is ready.
    Norton autoprotect also stays off during that time.
    Looking at task manager, after a while a new instance of svchost.exe is loaded after which so is autoprotect and everything else.
    This did not occur before the reinstall, so if anyone knows what can cause this slowdown or slowdown in svchost.exe plese help.
    I tried changing my services to manual or atomatic just in case they were slowing down the system, without any results. I also actvated asyncronous execution of services so no services would wait extra long and it did not help either.

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    See if this will do anything>

    Correcting System Hang at Startup

    If your system hangs about 2 or 3 minutes at startup, where you can't access the Start button or the Taskbar, it may be due to one specific service (Background Intelligent Transfer) running in the background. Here's what you do:

    1. Click on Start/Run, type 'msconfig', then click 'OK'.
    2. Go to the 'Services' tab, find the 'Background Intelligent Transfer' service, disable it, apply the changes & reboot.
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    If you are not on a network, disable the Workstation Service.
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    I forgot to mention:
    The taskbar and start button are accessable, at first at least as once I try to run a non working program the start button stays pressed, and even if I try to shut down, I see the desctop walpaper and nothing else untill it starts responding an shuts down.

    Also, I am on a network as a ICF server.
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    So did you try turning off the background intelligent transfer' servic? :confused: You can always turn it back on if that is not the problem.
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    Disabled inteligent transfers and restared. No effect, still the same slow responce. Can anybody explain what couses a new svchost.exe to load as since it is the first module to load one the system works aggain, maybee that is were the problem is.
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    Can't explain the new instance of svchost running but I can tell you that I found SWPro and XP are not a good match. I had so many problems with SW that I have now completely uninstalled it and only use the Anti-Virus. I have no idea why but the optimizing in SW is not any where near as good as the internal ops in XP. I found BootVis and NTRegOPT do a better job and speed disk seems entirely wrong for XP. While Symantec was once a good company I think they have failed the public since the introduction of XP.
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    what about ram? do you have enough?
  9. If you are not on a router try going into comand prompt and type in ipconfig. Get the your ethernet adapter's ip and manually insert into the tcp/ip properties of your ethernet adapter. This is should remove the lag to barely a sec. Becuase now the computer isn't searching for a DHCP server anymore. I hope this helps. Just don't forget if you ever connect a router or go lanning to changed it back to recieve ip automatically.
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    I did try installing the NAV2002 only with the same problem and alsthough most of the SW tweaks are bad I do use the other features of it.

    I have 256 MB ram with pleny of swap space on this system and ram never limited me before, swapfile is hardly used anyway.

    I use DSL for internet access with a dynamic IP so I cannot fix the IP address and the system only starts to connect after everything loads. Is there anyway of finding oout if it is trying to find a DHCP server prior to the connection as that might have something to do with the slowdown?

  11. As for the your dsl don't worry all you are doing is manually inserting the ip that it is trying to look for so it doesn't have to look for it anymore. Just insert it into your adpaters tcp/ip not your dsl connection. This is called Automatic Private Address, When a DHCP server isn't present it assigned the lan card a ip like This is done after it cannot find a dhcp. So all you are doing is going to ipconfig getting this ip automatically assigned and manually inserting it so it does not need to find it anymore. This won't affect your dsl connection. I use to do this when I didn't have a router.
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    Do yourself a favour and get rid of that worthless **** that is called Norton, do your computer a big favour ;)
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    I cannot fix the IP address as it realy is dynamic and does not work if I use a fixed one.

    And Norton completely saved my system a while back and is usaly quite good, espetialy with viruses. I don't think I will give it up for some time. Hopefuly 2003 will fix some bugs and make it like it was for the win 9x versions.
  14. I understand what you are saying but I don't think you are understanding me. The only thig that is dynamic is the ip that you use to connect to the internet. That belongs to your dsl connection whihc you made. Now I am saying to configure your ethernet adapter. Lets forget about internet for a second. To be able to network you need a ip and with a DHCP you are given one such as Now if you don't have a DHCP then windows will attempt to search for one and when it doesn't find one it will assign the ethernet adapter i.e. Local Area Connection a automatic private address. This ip is the same always becuase it is the adapters ip. This has nothing to do with your dsl dynamic ip. Notice that you have two connections in your connections folder. I am telling you to configre the one that says Local Area Connection with ip you are given in ipconfig. All you are doing is putting the same ip that it is searching for into the adapter so it doesn't have to search for it anymore. This will remove the lag you get. ex. When I put ipconfig i get which is my Local Area Connections...ethernet adapters ip and insert it there and done. If you would like to put this to the test. I want you to check what ip you get in Local Area Connection and it shold say something like Automatic Private Address and a ip like 168.254.x.x or whatever. Now write this ip down and restart and then when your computer stops lagging i want you to check the same thing out again. And see for yourself what I am saying. It will be the same ip. Now remember Local Area Connection not your pppoe connction. I'll be here to answer any further questions.
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    also try using bootvis.exe and a good defrager like voptxp