XP Setup problems

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by thingy, Apr 22, 2002.

  1. thingy

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    The Forums all deal with various aspects of XP once up and running

    How about a Forum section for Setup problems?

    It seems many people (including me) are having difficulty installing XP
  2. wyrlwyn

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    well, why don't you tell us your problem, and we might be able to help you now.
  3. pmcartney

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    I found I was having setup or UPGRADE problems.


    2)REMOVE Antivirus Programs

    3)Here's the shocker: remove any AOL setup software on your machine from the factory or any version before version 6.0.
    WIN98SE came with AOL 4.0 and ME came with 5.0 Setup.
    Check in control panel, if that is there, remove it.
    Otherwise the 3 things above will cause a irq_less_than whatever type error or a halt/stall in the upgrade.

  4. thingy

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    I'm doing a clean install of XP Home, Full version

    Disabled AntiVirus in BIOS, also L2 Cache

    Formatted (full) NTFS

    ASUS A7 M266
    AMD 1.3Ghz
    Maxtor 60Gb IDE 7200rpm Ultra DMA
    512Mb DDR SDRAM
    SoundBlaster Live Platinum 5.1
    NVidia GeForce 2 Ultra TV out
    Ms Intellimouse

    Got past first re-boot then Stop error: 0x00000050

    Checked RAM - ok - then started all over - Formatted again

    This time Stop error near the beginning :0x0000008E

    Started again several times - Stop error in different place each time

    BIOS is dated 2000 - reluctant to Flash

    Any ideas please?
  5. dijital

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    bad copy of xp perhaps? maybe a bad transfer of data from the cdrom to the system hardware
  6. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    Go get the 6 boot floppies and try installing from those... that's been a fix for some folks.

    Personally, I like to install from my hard drive. I copy the i386 folder (and all subfolders) to my 'storage' partition and run winnt.exe (for a 'dos' based install) or winnt32.exe (for a 'windows' based install/re-install).