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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Flash, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. Flash

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    Not sure where to post this question.

    Thinking about purchasing a book on the XP registry called Microsoft Windows XP Registry Guide, ISBN-0-7356-1788-0, about 600 pages. Any opinions on this book? worth the money. OR any other guide recommended.

  2. New Disease

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    try searching the internet for a guide before you splash out on one.,. ;)
  3. Dirk Diggler

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    Anything you need to know about the Registry can be found free on the Net. There are plenty of user guides out there, here's a good one to get you going:-
    Axcel216 Registry
  4. zalood

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    Agreed. I have the same idea in the past . . skimmed the book and kept saying "i can get these and those on the NET".
  5. oDin

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    check out this site they have lots of info.

    if you can't find it on the net for free...its not worth having :D
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    better yet, screw the net, just miss with it and see what well happen :D

    lol, just joking, actully, I learned quite a bit about the registry off the net :)
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    Thank you all for the advice. On the surface working with the Registry seems "don't go there". But after looking at all the tweaks that can be done, by the way thanks "dealer" for all those tweaks, I have done most of them. But what intrigues me is how, for example, did you know that a variable "Max Cache Ions" even exists? It was not in my Reg, where do you find that kind of info? I guess I just have to get into it.

    Also for the first time last night I ran RegCleaner as suggested on this site, it found 71 additional problems than Norton WIndoctor could find. Good bye to Norton! I didn't realise that there are over 20,000 keys! That is the scary part.

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    A helpful registry backup program - ERUNT

    I heartily recommend playing with the registry assuming you take the necessary precautions. Here's a program called ERUNT that is an XP registry backup. Included also is NTRegOpt which is an XP registry optimizer. Practive restoring your backups to make sure you REALLY know how, otherwise...Can you say CLEAN INSTALL?

    Favorite Freeware

    OK, I saw that this program has been mentioned before in other threads. Guess I jumped a bit too soon... rats