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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by arrs, Jan 25, 2002.

  1. arrs

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    After loosing ability to load XP, tried to use the recovery console using the Install CD, entered "R" for repair when asked, then Entered the installation number I wanted to repair, then RC asked for the Administrator Password...Surprise, non of the passwords of the accounts with administrator priviledges worked and I still cannot recover or "Repair"this installation.....Have tried to go Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Local Users and Groups, to set a password to the Administrator, but it says all encription, passwords, data etc. for the account will be lost....
    any suggestions...????
  2. existenz

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    If you want to do a repair installation, you do not enter recovery console.

    You get the option for the Repair installation in the next step, when it asks you which partition you want to install Windows XP on. Then you press "R".

    It'll say, "Press R for repair installation."

    I got confused on that the first time too.
  3. joeyparrot

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    "You might try going to your local security policy, security options and enabling "recovery console--allow automatic administrative logon."

    I got this advice from another newsgroup and followed it. It Works and is 100% safe. Good Luck, John:)
  4. Rico

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    You can try using a blank password, If you are running Home edition and did an upgrade, admin password is blank usually.