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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by g1htl, Nov 13, 2002.

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    I would imagine this request has been asked many times so sorry for boring everone with this request for information.
    I have installed several pices of software which required a re-boot after which I did, but now the system will not shut down it keeps rebooting. I have to hit the switch off button as it trys to restart.
    Any ideas any one ?
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    first stop the reboot

    Ok well first thing would be to stop the rebooting, press and hold f8 as it boots up boot into safe mode, now if I were you I would uninstall whatever software your talking about, what software did you install? And also right click on my computer ( desktop ) properties , advanced , startup and recovery, you can turn off the option to reboot here and this will give you an error message thatcan be used to further help .........
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    yeh u need that bluescreen to get the error message up :)
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    Did you install easy cd? If so get the update.
  5. isnt it wrong place for this question? not a lot of people gona look in here.
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    Thanks to those that made a reply to me, but I still have a problem.
    I perhaps should have explained a little more all software works ok and the system run fine, its just when I sign of the machine, it just reboots instead of closing down.
    I have un-installed all software that I installed just before I had the problem, but the problem persists.

    I assume there is a file left some where that should have been removed after one piece of software had successfully installed.

    I am unfamilar with XP so any thoughts or suggestions please.
  7. try is this thing works. "tsshutdn 5 /powerdown " in run command. that should turn it off completely. but i'm not sure how to fix the over all problem that you got. maybe you should check MS site for this?
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    if u sb live remove it device manager and reinstall
    go to start>>run>type msconfig
    in services tab check hide all microsoft services and uncheck all non microsoft services
    in startup tab uncheck everything and restart
    and post what happens :D
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    It sounds like what is happening is that a service is crashing when you shutdown. and what windows does when a service crashes is reboot. Have you tried looking in the event viewer to see if anything is happening?
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    Thanks to all that offer advice and information to my problem.
    The problem is no more.
    I re-installeed the software and all now is working as it should
  12. good for you. come back for more advices then :)