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    I know this is not going to sound very technical but, you know when XP boots up and you get the blue thing going from one side to another? well when I first loaded XP it took 3-4 passes before going staight into the desktop. Now it takes 11 and goes to the welcome screen. I tried using bootvis and it was cool for the first boot then it dod the same as all the other times 11-12 passes. I have hardly loaded anthing on it.

    My system on the whole has gone to snail pace when i use explorer it takes a few seconds to load up my stuffafter it has searched for it all.

    I'm looking to format and start again, but before I do I just wondered if there was anyway of saving all the windows updates, Norton AV updates and registration details and other such stuff to the HD after I start again?
    If anyone can sift throught the amateur speak and make any sense out of this and help out I'd be most greatful

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    In answer to your first part of the question, it will always go faster first time around. Mainly because it has less to load but as you install various things and more settings have to be updated on system boot and more things to load upon system boot it will take longer, although admitedly it does seem that 11 is rather excessive.

    In answer to your second question, you can use the Corporate update system for Windows which allows users of Windows XP to download all the updates to a specified folder on your hard drive.

    The corporate update site is located at:


    Hope that was of some help.
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    If you dont want it to go to the "wecome screen" and straight to your desktop you can cange it in the control panel under user accounts.