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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Manc, Jun 18, 2002.

  1. Manc

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    Ok just a quickie, When I installed my XP-Pro Upgrade Edition I did it over windows 98SE, I've now sold my PC to generate money for it's replacement & will be handing over my copy of 98 with it as part of the deal..!!

    My question is this, when doing a clean install of XP will I still need the 98 disc or just the CD Key...???

  2. madman

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    yep sure will
  3. Yeah you will?
  4. firehawk

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    I didn't think you could use an upgrade version of an OS as a stand alone install? I think you need an OS on the drive to be able to use the upgrade.
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  6. Manc

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    Thanks Gents but please excuse my dumbness....what we are saying here is that on an empty/formatted HDD I will still need to install 98 & then install XP over the top, or I can d/l the boot-up floppy's as kindly suggested by Max remembering that my edition of XP-Pro is the Upgrade Edition and then boot from floppy...

    TBH I thought if I created a boot up disc now, whilst still using XP, I could boot from floppy in order to recognise the CD-Rom & then just install XP, but as it is the Upgrade Edition I was under the impression I had to at some point provide my 98 CD Key..... :confused:

    Help Me Please I'm loosing it.

    What I was going to do was to keep *a* copy of 98 & a copy of the CD key just incase either were required...If any of this makes sense to you then I would appreciate your help :D
  7. Shamus MacNoob

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    use the floppies its 6 disc's and you can use the upgrade on a clean formatted hard drive without using win98 or any other os ........ I do it all the time with the floppies ............. I have winxp pro upgrade........ and use the floppies to do a clean install .........
  8. Manc

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    Thanks Kermit, but one last question, at any point does the install request either the 98 CD or CD key
  9. Shamus MacNoob

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    I do believe that you will a copy of your win98 might as well make a copy for yourself and keep the key to be safe ... but you dont need to install 98 you will be able to make a clean install .................
  10. Lonman

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    To perform a clean installation using any of Microsoft's upgrade products you either need to have it installed or a qualifying product on cd/floppy to 'show' the setup program at some point. Here's a list of qualifying products and a guide.
  11. Manc

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    All is now clear :D

    Thank you all for your input, just got to buy some floppy's now ;)

    Oh & make a copy of 98 before I pass it on to it's new owner ;)

  12. allan

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    Lonman is, of course, correct. An upgrade version can be used for a clean install. At some point near the end of the process it will ask you to insert the installation disk from any previous version of Windows just to prove you have itl, but the previous version need not (and for the best installation should not ) be installed.
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    i have xp pro upgrade

    you can have a formatted drive
    no os at all

    then on install it will ask for a copy of a previous version of windows... will not copy files.. just check to see that you have a verison.. then wil do a clean install of xp pro :)
  14. Manc

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    Sorry to bump this up again but just to add to my confusion I was told today that if you can boot to CD-ROM via your BIOS settings, which I can & will be able to do on my new Rig you can install XP that way with out the Floppy option....

    So once again I'm :confused:

    So does anyone know if that is possible using the upgrade edition or is it only for the full edition..???

    I promise this will be the end of this thread if I get an answer to this last question.

    Cheers Gents.
  15. Manc

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    Ok, scratch my last comment, just read in the Tips book I got with the Official XP magazine that I can infact do a clean install direct from the CD-ROM if I can boot to it, which I can so problem sorted.

    It says I can even if it's the Upgrade Edition but at some point it will ask for my 98 disc to verify I have it.....No Problem, the original disc will stay with me until I've sorted out my new Rig.

    Thanks again for all your help. :cool: