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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kdeuser, May 29, 2002.

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    I am new to XP and need some advice. I have installed XP Pro and set-up myself as a user with administrator-level login along with my wife and 3 kids with their own limited-level logins. I noticed that when I install some software that the other logins can't run it. With MusicMatch (MP3 program), their tech support gave me instructions for modifying registry entries to get the software available to all. Is there some trick to installing software so that everyone can get to it? Is there a guide to help me transition from 98SE to XP Pro that is recommended? Thanks
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    this is how i would work that one:

    set up a bogus Admin-level new logon with an easy to remember password.

    use your gpedit tweak to remove it from the start up screen (so no one can see it at startup)

    then, when the family is in their own logins, they just need to right click the program that doesnt run, select "run as" ... down at the bottom select "The following user"... select that bogus admin-status login, and let em type in that password.

    they'd be running the programs at admin-level... but i really dont think they are going to mess it up.

    actually an easier way of doing things like that is just set everyone up as admins. but heres the trick: on everyones (except yours) login, rightclick the start menu and select explorer, then go > tools > folder options > view > click the box that says "DO NOT show hidden files and folders" ... then while logged into yours, hide all the things you dont want them messing with.

    ...power hungry are we? :D :D :D ;)
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    Thanks. Just trying to keep my kids from doing things they shouldn't.. I use Norton System Works and Family Internet Security that integrates with XP.... So I worry they ("they" being two teenage boys) could use admin access to get around the parental controls since that would give them admin access to Norton - I think. They will try, no matter how "good" they claim to be!

    Just trying to use the operating system as it was designed to be used! Sounds like I would be better off networking them on a different machine so I could take advantage of groups/permissions, etc....
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    Umm their is

    I was fooling around with the proggies and stuff, this is what you have to do:

    Ok you know where the shared Documents are for each user?

    if you dont well it should be somewhere in your system root.

    when u install the applacation, install it under the user's folder.
    for example:

    C:\poopoo program\Documents and Settings\All Users for all users to use or just

    C:\poopoo program\Documents and Settings\Yo Mamma for just that user to use that proggy


    Edited for poopoo. I have asked you to watch your language for the last time! Understand?