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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Overkill, Apr 27, 2002.

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    Well, I will be updating my wife's computer and I have just had a new computer built with XP and I was wondering if they are any special things I should know about setting up a clean, mean gaming machine with XP. My specs are below. I guess I am specifically wondering what services can I turn off in XP to free up resources. Thanks.

    Specs: Lian-Li PC 60 case, Asus P4S333 DDR mobo, Intel 2.4ghz Northwood, 1gig of PC2700 333 Samsung, WD 1000JB SE, Lite On Burner at 40X, Lite On DVD and CD-ROM, 250mb Zip, SB Live!, VisionTek GF4 Ti4600, Windows XP Pro, Optiquest 19" and the Cougar HOTAS
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    not mean enough?

    Does it gets any better than this?

    That's one fine pc you've got there !
  3. foxkuil

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    and......it is for your wife too.......d*mn !:D
  4. Gary Pandher

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    wow....someones got a lot of $$$$$$ on their hands
    umm.......best u could do....jus..prolly get more cooling..n o/c that badboy
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    Go to www.blackviper.com he has a pretty good guide as to what all the services do and shich ones you can turn off for different types of PC's
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    :eek: Sorry guys. I didn't mean to draw attention to the specs. I simply cut and paste my sig from another forum of which I am a member. I posted the specs just in case someone saw an issue with XP and a component.

    Oh, but it is for me not my wife. I just upgraded hers with other components. As far as $$$$, I paid a very reasonable price, sub $2,600.


    Thanks for the link. That is what I needed.