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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sneaky, Jan 13, 2002.

  1. sneaky

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    After a clean install of XP Pro ,I can't seem to get Roxio's goback to work. I am using the latest upgrade from Roxio. Installation goes well but when asked to reboot my system it get's to the point where the windows splash screen is loading then reboots over and over. I have a p4 1.4 gig system with 512mb ram. Can anyone help? Thanks :confused:
  2. nick1gbr

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    Its not compatable, when you update adaptec easy cd creator 5, it takes go back off the system... According to Roxio's website ( & Microsofts) it says go back does not work with windows xp..

    System restore within xp is supposed to do a similar job, authough i have never tried it in xp and it never worked properly under windows ME

  3. sneaky

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    Hmmm, I am using (with no problems) The goback version 301B56 on another system setup with xp pro. According to roxio it is rated for xp. Makes me think that maybe there is a conflict between goback and nero as there is between ez creator and nero . Thanks anyway for your quick response.
  4. Qumahlin

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    in my opinion Roxio has done a HORRIBLE job of being XP compatible...Roxio's ezcd has caused more winxp problems and their bs way of going about updating up unitl recently was just ridiculous, they should of got their act together before releasing any patches because as far as I can tell none of them were tested due to the wide array of problems that occured...just my opinion which is why i'd never use Roxio products again

    besides, who wants to use ez cd creator when nero costs about the same supports more features and so far has never given me a problem and most people I know had no problems with nero except for maybe needing an aspi update
  5. drthv8r

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    I'm running XP Pro along with GoBack and with the update it runs fine.
  6. Optiplex

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    Please uninstall all roxio/adaptec software and install latest Nero instead. Then your problems is gone I promise.

  7. existenz

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    You needed an ASPI update?

    Doesn't Nero come with an ASPI layer? (
  8. Kylie

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    Never a truer word said

  9. AmarSingh

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    well that would be a problem if you wanted to use goback since nero doesnt offer a similar product
  10. XeoNoX

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    just try to use system restore