XP Netbeui workgroup problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cjsmith22, Dec 12, 2006.

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    This one's got me stumped but i'm not the brightest so bare with me. I have a network with 7 machines (running xp pro sp2) connecting to a windows workgroup (coview_d1) using netbeui. I am trying to add 2 more machines to the workgroup, the one a laptop (xp pro sp2) which connects fine and picks up the other machines in the network neighbourhood straight away, the other a newish dell machine (xp pro sp2) which refuses to see any of the other machines in the neighborhood.
    The only differences I can see between the 2 machines are:

    1. when windows boots up the logon screens are different (the dell machine has the old 2000 logon screen where you have to type in a username and password - the laptop and the other 7 machines have the xp logon where you click on the users picture and are prompted for a password) - how do you change between the 2 types of logon screens?

    2. when I try and map a network drive and then browse for a folder on the laptop - in My Network Places - Entire Network - I am given the choice between microsoft terminal services, microsoft windows network and web client network ( if i expand microsoft windows network, then coview_d1 I can see all the other machines in the workgroup)
    - when i do the same thing on the dell machine I can only see microsoft windows network (microsoft terminal services and web client network are missing)

    I know netbeui is not supported in XP but unfortunately the way the network is set up it is not possible to use tcp/ip on the LAN.

    any ideas why the dell machine refuses to see any of the others in the neighborhood ? any help would be greatly appreciated !