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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by robocop, Dec 3, 2001.

  1. robocop

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    :confused: help! all my playlists are gone and i can't get them back! i get a problem message when i try to make a new list .
    suggestions anyone ?
    the copper.
  2. Lonman

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    You know, i've been looking around for a copy of Media Player 8.0 so i could offer you a place to download and reinstall it. I found out some really interesting stuff. If you want Media Player 8.0 you gotta buy XP. I also found out that Media Player is integrated into the protected files list in XP, so even if you could find an installable third party source to download it from, you'd have to perform a registry hack just to run it.

    During my main shakedown trial of XP (i put it thru everything i could throw at it) i managed to damage Media Player to the point it would not work. I would launch it and it would like come up with huge pieces of it missing type thing. I didn't mind much then because i knew i would be reinstalling anyway. I feel a tad irked about it now tho because i guess the only way to repair this one single component is to do a complete repair installation of XP, that sucks.

    Personally i use MusicMatch Jukebox for my MP3's, but Media Player is my preferred video file player.

    So, that's what i guess my suggestion is, do a repair installation of XP so you can fix your media player.

    I'd be interested to see if there's a way to do a repair install of Media Player, anyone??
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    make a .m3u file

    make a .m3u file they are more reliable and easy to make...

    gather the files u want in a folder... (you can do dir locations but putting them in one folder is easier)
    open up notepad... type in the exact file name (F2 the mp3 or what ever and then copy/paste in notepad) put them in which ever order u want... when you've done all of that save it as a .m3u file in the same folder... execute it... and Voilá :)

  4. Akash

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    Ever since Media Player 7 i could never understand how to work the blasted thing
    i only used Media player for movies to tell you the truth.. winamps the way to go for mp3s/playlists
    but now im stuck with media player 8 for movie files.... unless ATI fileplayer can save me which is most of the times...

    its just so bulky its unbelievable...
    in 2k i used 6.4. never went above.