XP LogMod 1.1 with RANDOMIZE and MORE released!!!

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    December 7th, 2001

    Sub Seven Software releases it's new LogonUI manager\changer for Windows XP to the public today. XP LogMod hosts a number of new and desired features. The two main releases are Randomize, and REAL TIME PREVIEW EXTRACTION. Now no matter what the situation is, you can preview your Logon screen before you set it!(even if there isn't a screenshot attached!) As well as give your computer that dynamic boost with the randomization feature! LogMod also features a Favorites Viewer to help organize your LogonUI screens and a search feature to search the web for screens. XP LogMod has brought to the table many new concepts and hopes to continue to serve it's loyal users in a fashion that will help accelerate their Windows experience. We will continue to work with any user suggestions to make this the best Logon manager out.

    For anyone with Partnership queries, don't be afraid to e-mail partners@sub-seven.com

    Please visit the XP LogMod homepage for additional information, tips & tricks, screenshots and more!

    HOMEPAGE: http://www.sub-seven.com/logmod
    DOWNLOAD: http://www.sub-seven.com/statistics/download.cgi?download=LogMod.exe

    -Robert Lyttle
    -President | Sub Seven Software
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    Crossposting bad! Crossposting bad!