XP Login Screen works normally but when I press Win-L it goes to 2k style

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by neomits, Jun 15, 2002.

  1. neomits

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    Alright here is my problem. I get the normal cool fancy XP login screen when I start up my computer. But any other time, when it comes back from screen saver or when I press win-L it shows the 2k style of login. I want it to always be the XP style. I've tried installing different login manager and I've reinstalled Style XP dozens of times and it doesn't work. I've tried combinations of settings under Control Pannel>How Users log on, but nothing is working. Anyone able to help me out?
  2. Rigsta

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    When you say "XP-style login" do you mean the welcome screen? The window you get after locking the computer isn't a login form. It just requires a user name and password with the proper authorisation to unlock the computer (ie. the current user or an admin). You'll only get the welcome screen if you actually log off.
  3. ordeth51

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    I have NO idea what Rigsta is talking about :), but i used to have the same prob bob. look at the picture attached. it worked for me, it should work for you.
  4. Rigsta

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    Is there an XP-style unlock form? oh well I like the 2K-style unlock form 'cos I get to see Belldandy on my desktop hehe (that's the name of the girl in this screen ;))
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    You Can't do it plain and simple. I'll bet that you want to have a specific screensaver showing right?

    Here is a solution.
    Follow these instructions

    Now You will have the same screensaver on the login screen.
    Now instead of win-L just logout..
  6. neomits

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    No I don't want the welcome screen where you have to log off. I just want to insert my password for the current use (after coming off a lock) but not in 2k style... in XP style. ordeth51 I think you know what I'm talking about but that setting you mentioned I already had selected and applied :( so no worky.

    I checked out what you posted KLoWn but I'm not sure if thats what I need or don't need and I'm kinda afraid to mess around that much with my reg settings. Yeah I do want to have a specific screen saver showing but I just want it to have the XP style logon when it comes back instead of 2k. I've had it before and just one day it reverted to the 2k style.
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