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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by HellyHans, May 9, 2002.

  1. HellyHans

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    OK, letme give you the break down...

    I want to install XP on Fat32
    I have 2 systems. I want to install XP on one of them that HAD 98SE on it. I formated that drive in a PC at work that had 98 in it.

    - Formated the drive in Windows
    - Made a 98 boot disk
    -Connected the drive to the PC and booted of the boot disk, I ran fdisk and deleted all partitions ( just one) rebooted. Booted again off the 98 bootdisk, And I formated the drive.

    Rebooted and changed settings in BIOS to load off the CD. But my prob is that when it shows my partitions to install to. I shows it correctly,"Partition 1 Fat32"

    I then select that partition to install XP on. Then it gives me a menu saying
    1 "Format NTFS quick"
    2 "Format NTFS"
    3 "Convert to NTFS"
    4 "Leave the current file system intact ( No changes ) "

    I would choose 4 right ??

    But why does it ask me this.?

    When I got my 20 Gig out of the box, it asked my Fat32 Quick or Fat32 instead in the menu and the other things too.

    Is it because the drive is over 20 gigs?? Its a 40 gig.

    Am I doing the right thing with that 98 boot disk ?? I just use it for the fdisk. and command promt,

    If I dont use it, then In the menu of the install I only have choices of NTFS, and I don' want that.

    Thx for all your suggestions.

  2. firehawk

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    Yes it's because the drive is over 32 gigs in size that you only have the option for NTFS.
  3. HellyHans

    HellyHans OSNN Addict

    So what do I do??

    Do I install as option 4 ? Or what ? I want Fat32

    Or do I use partition magic and split the drive 20-20?

  4. Sagima

    Sagima Guest

    Split the drive (use fdisk if you want) , though you don't necessarily have to do it 50-50.
  5. Bob S

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    Download and use the XP boot disks from Microsoft.com. There are a total of six disks.